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The Sonoma County Waste Management Agency (SCWMA) staff and review committee have unanimously recommended that Renewable Sonoma be selected as the future municipal organics processing and composting company in Sonoma County. Renewable Sonoma has proposed a state of the art renewable energy and composting facility to be co-located adjacent to the Laguna Treatment Plant on Llano Road, in Santa Rosa.

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Renewable Sonoma will help the County of Sonoma and its Cities meet greenhouse gas reduction targets, as well as comply with stringent new regulations that require at least 75% of organic materials to be diverted from landfills. There is a multi-year process still ahead for state and local permitting, as well as having the municipalities of Sonoma County direct their organic materials to the project.

While maximizing diversion Renewable Sonoma also aims to to process the cleanest material possible. Organics are our local resource to enhance our soils. Therefore we have to treat the yard debris and food scraps with respect and leave non-compostables out. We will enlist the support of the local haulers and the SCWMA to assist us with our targeted community engagement & education program.

We are very excited about the team we have assembled to implement this ambitous organics recycling program. Please visit our About Us page to meet the partners.

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